Act Your Age: Parts still available

Last week we held successful auditions for our next show Act Your Age.

Many of the parts have been cast but we are still looking for 2 ladies to take on principle roles. These roles are Valerie and Jenny.

Valerie – Valerie is the owner-manager of Celebrity Sanctuary. Things started to go wrong for her 10 years ago when her teenage daughter ran away. She’s been trying to make a go of it since with various business enterprises. This clinic for celebrities is the latest venture – and it looks as if this too is about to go to the wall. But now that ‘Victoria’ is coming it could mean salvation . . . the last chance for Valerie to turn her life around.

Jenny – Heavily disguised, she checks in as Mrs Smith although her real name is Jenny. She is to marry soon but wants first to come to terms with her past. At 15, she ran away from home. She has been tipped off (by Pat it turns out) that her estranged mother runs the clinic and so she wants to see for herself before deciding whether to reveal herself to her mother.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered Click here button


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