Meet the Cast: Noah “Horse” T.Simmons

Chris Knight
Chris Knight


1. Why did you want to do the full Monty? I was asked by Jonty (of Little Shop fame) after doing Grease at Harrogate and I’m always up for new experiences! It took a while to convince myself that stripping in public is a good idea but I came round the idea eventually…

2 . Why did you join Wetherby Musical Theatre Group? They’re a really friendly and accepting group who were willing to help me get to and from rehearsals even though I can’t drive and live in Harrogate.

3. Tell us a little but more about you? I’m a music graduate from the University of Huddersfield, I work part-time at Harrogate hospital and part-time as a private singing teacher. I also do salsa dancing whenever I can and probably spend too much time on my computer.

4 Tell us a little more about your character?  Horse is everything I hope to be in about 30 years time. He doesn’t say much but when he does, it’s funny. He’s grumpy, old and a mean mover and shaker. He has some insecurities (after all, who can live up to *that* reputation?!) but he’s there for the rest of the crew when they need him…as long as they don’t need him quickly.

5 Do you think you are like your character in any way? I definitely move a little faster than Horse does! I think I’ve had to deal with a lot of the same sort of stereotyping that Horse does throughout the show in slightly different ways…and I’d like to think I share his gruff, grumpy sense of humour.

6 What is your favourite musical? My favourite musical at the moment would have to be either Book of Mormon (not safe for children!) or something like Songs for a New World. The former is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while and is surprisingly intelligently written. The latter is almost just a collection of great songs that I keep coming back to time and time again.

7 What is your favourite song? My favourite song is something that changes on an almost daily basis. However, since I’ve had to grow my beard a little bit for the show I’ve been listening to a band called…wait for it…The Beards. There’s a song on their album ‘Having a beard is the new not having a beard’ called ‘Still got my beard’ that gets me everytime. I love it. No, this isn’t a joke.

8 What is your funniest memory of rehearsals?  Shamrock. Dan, the guy playing Jerry, would accidentally switch in to an Irish accent when he said the line ‘Do you know what a pelvic thrust is Malcolm?’ Subsequently, I refuse to stop calling him Shamrock. Best line in the show by far.


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