Meet the Cast: Georgie Bukatinsky

Cathryn Horne
Cathryn Horne

1. Why did you want to do the full monty? Thought it would be great to do something completely different to what id done before, the songs and script are brilliant. 

2. Why did you join Wetherby Musical Theatre Group? I joined Wetherby when I was 13 and still at school I just loved singing and acting!


3. Tell us a little but more about you? I have lived in Wetherby all my life and own a hairdressing business. I love my holidays especially cruising. 


4. Tell us a little more about your character? Georgie is a very normal down to earth person who is feeling a bit unloved and doesn’t know why.


5. Do you think you are like your character in any way? In a way yes, I like a night out and am just a normal person but like a few more holidays than Georgie will get!


6. What is your favourite musical? A slice of Saturday night/hairspray.


7. What is your favourite song? All of them I love them all in the show.

8. What is your funniest memory of rehearsals? There have been so many funny moments I cant single one out, that is this show allover and I don’t want it to finish! 


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