Meet the Cast: Malcolm MacGregor

David Lee
David Lee

1. Why did you want to do the full Monty? After doing ‘Godspell’ my first show, I enjoyed the experience so much it was hard to walk away, you really get the ‘bug’ for being involved, plus I’ve met some wonderful friends.

2. Why did you join Wetherby Musical Theatre Group? Janet Stoney knew I could sing and gently persuaded me that I had no other option – but I’m now grateful for that 🙂  She’s a Wetherby Legend.

3. Tell us a little but more about you? I am 36, Married, I have one daughter, two stepchildren, a dog, I’ve lived in Wetherby most of my life, I work in Sales for Esteem in Thorp Arch, I play piano, have a band called The Regarded (we’ve had a few radio plays on BBC wahoo!), a lifelong supporter of Stoke City FC and you’ll sometimes see me swimming up and down at 7am in the morning at Wetherby pool.

4. Tell us a little more about your character? Malcolm is a sad slightly awkward character, who lives in the shadow of his mother.  When he gets some friends in the most tragc and unlikely circumstances and gets invited to be part of a ‘gang’ he comes in to his own.  He’s very funny in many ways though, so don’t feel too bad for him 🙂

5. Do you think you are like your character in any way? I’m probably like Malcolm as I’m a sensitive person, I like to be part of something, oh and I like practising the pelvic thrusts too of course!

6. What is your favourite musical? Favourite musical? difficult, would probably have to go for Sweeney Todd, I had the privilege of seeing Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton a couple of years ago in the West End, it was amazing.

7. What is your favourite song? ‘What’s goin on?’ Marvin Gaye – strangely easy to answer that one

8. What is your funniest memory of rehearsals? Probably Dan (Jerry) leapfrogging Roger (Dave) while practising for ‘Let it Go’ an running so fast he carried on out of the doors of the rehearsal room, everyone was in bits!


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