Meet the Cast: Ethan Girard

Colin Aspinall
Colin Aspinall
1. Why did you want to do the full monty?
 – it’s a very funny show.  I love the film and recreating it on stage (albeit in the US!) is a great idea
2. Why did you join Wetherby Musical Theatre Group?
– I was bullied in to it by two friends who were members.
3. Tell us a little but more about you?
– I’ve been with the group since 2010 having started with Calamity Jane.  I’m not the chairman.  That’s what happens in this group – you start as a cowboy stood at the bar and suddenly you’re taking your clothes off!!
4. Tell us a little more about your character?
– Ethan is a lovable, if not a little simple guy who just wants to recreate the iconic running up the wall thing from Singing in the Rain.  He loves musicals but can’t sing or dance so this really is a struggle for him (and me)
5. Do you think you are like your character in any way?
– I hope not!
6. What is your favourite musical?
– Having just been to see it I think Matilda is now my favourite.  Nine kids carry that show – great characters, great acting, great singing and they have SO much to learn.  Amazing!
7. What is your favourite song?
– In this show it’s Big Ass Rock – very funny
8. What is your funniest memory of rehearsals?
– All rehearsals are fun, hard work, frustrating……but the 6 principal men, and Nathan do relax with a little footy now and again.


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