Meet the Cast – Dave Bukatinsky

Roger Wilson


1. Why did you want to do the full monty? – Having played the part a number of times I could not resist reprising the role!

2. Why did you join Wetherby Musical Theatre Group? – See above!

3. Tell us a little but more about you? – I live in Doncaster with my Fiance Victoria and Dog George! I have a wonderful 13 year old Daughter Holly and apart from this production i am a very private person who enjoys his work and relaxation at weekends

4. Tell us a little more about your character? – Poor old Dave! Insecure but with a heart of gold. He doesn’t realise how much his Wife loves him and suffers from how he looks and feels. It is rewarding and moving to see how the character evolves through the show

5. Do you think you are like your character in any way? – Well , I like eating a lot so I suppose that counts!

6. What is your favourite musical? – Miss Saigon

7. What is your favourite song? – I have so many! At the moment I would say it is Graffiti on a Train by the Stereophonics although it’s a bit sad…………

8. What is your funniest memory of rehearsals? – Dan (Jerry) calling me a fat B******d in every scene even though its not in the script…………


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