Full Monty Auditions

FMBannerWe have still to cast Horse and Jerry

Deighton Gates Primary School, Wetherby

Please contact Bev Lyn (01937 585656) or email the group if you are interested

The performance will be from 19 February 2014 and rehearsals will start immediately after the auditions on Tuesdays then with the addition of Thursdays and Sundays as we approach the show, so please be aware of the commitment.

Character Cast Character
Jerry Lukowski



Rough to the core. Insecure anger. Slightly homophobic. With a huge chip on his shoulder. Feels the whole world is against him but he’s a fighter just not too bright. His whole world is his son but as he’s un-employed he’s in arrears to the tune of several hundred dollars. Very much a use a hammer to open an Easter egg kinda guy.
Jerry is a complicated character but his main attraction is his passion, focus and drive. A team leader perhaps but not a manager.

He’s got to be the bad guy women love to hate

Dave Bukatinsky



Overweight house husband. Deeply aware of his weight problems but unable to gain the self-confidence to deal with it since losing his job. His sexual relationship with his wife Georgie has all but disappeared because of his lack of confidence about his weight and also because his wife is now the bread winner.

Needs one heck of an actor for this as they need to dig deep to get the gut wrenching agony of what he’s going through over to the audience. Is the more sensible of the guys. Down to earth and thoughtful.

His duet with Harold is one of the funniest yet sad songs I know.


Harold Nichols



Stressed Manager. Loves his wife (Vicki) dearly and gives her everything she asks for which – after losing his job with the Steel Plant – is difficult as he’s not told her he hasn’t got a job.Goes to work each day and sits in a café drinking coffee which only heightens his nervous stress. His fine upstanding figure commands attention so this wife still believes he has got a job. Every word he says has to be “stressed”. Over thinks and is very touchy in matters that relate to his wife.With every word in his duet with Dave this guy has to be so close to cracking when he thinks of his money troubles, yet able to pull back when he thinks of his love for his wife

Noah “Horse” T.Simmons


50-60 Baritone

(Black Actor required). An “Old Groover” complete with dodgy hip, he can groove the moves but is very insecure about the size of his manhood. Must be a good dancer. He’s also a depressed soul, having just been fired from McDonalds for being too glum, the switch between when he’s normal and glum to when he dances has to lift everyone.His dodgy hip plagues him at times but once he’s dancing, he rocks.There is a “comradeship” feeling between Jeanette and “Horse” more so because of their ages so he has a friends there.


Big Black Man : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZwasLUJetM

LIB : 
P46 to P54 The Auditions (Mixed including Song)

Malcolm MacGregor



He never knew his father and his hard luck story starts there.He’s a depressed, lonely and quiet soul who is firmly oppressed by his over bearing mother so in denial about a lot of things. Desperate for attention and a father figure, latches onto Jerry of all people for that.Loves musical theatre.Bullied by his mother (her way at getting back at mankind for being left at the altar after being knocked up by Malcolm’s father) he lives mostly in his own little world. Is still dressed by his mother – or at least we can easily believe he is. This is my favorite character out of the whole show, going through a range of emotions very sensitively.Has a kiss with Ethan.

Ethan Girard



Bored Drifter. Has only one talent and that’s dangling between his legs.Insists he can do the wall walk in “Singing in the Rain” but never does it (but actually it would be fantastic if he could during the last dance).Loves musical theatre too for some reason which comes apparent when Malcolm and Ethan manage to escape the Police raid (in G-Strings) and get back to Malcolm’s house.There in Malcolm’s room they find what they have been looking for and kiss.

Jeanette Burmeister



The Jewish “Showtime” Queen piano player. Who just turns up (complete with piano – this will be pushed on by her at the start of that scene) to the guys auditions. Voice like a 60 a day smoker. “Been there, done that got the T-shirt and stared in the video” attitude.I do love this character, gutsy, confident, and the only one out of all the guys to have balls.She has some cracking one liners and also a great “show tune” song to strut her stuff.

Georgie Bukatinsky



Larger than life bubbly character but that is to hide her private life. Feels her husband has given up on her is feeling very insecure about that.When she finds a G-String in the washing belonging to Dave, she fears the worst and packs to leave him. He comes home to find her about to leave and she launches an verbal attack on his that comes more from her heart being broken rather than anger. It’s one of the most serious scenes in the show. All her pain has to be seen and heard here.Has a tear jerking duet with Vicki in the second act where they impress their love of their man.

Vicki Nichols



Life and soul of a party, living the dream. Fake tan. Fake Blonde/Redhead.In fact the only true thing about her is her love for Harold. Is the president of every social event there is. Could be one step away from Trailer Trash herself if it wasn’t for the money Harold made.At first she’s a superficial, air head, but once Harold’s situation is known, she digs deep and becomes the caring, loving wife Harold has wanted all his life.Has a tear jerking duet with Georgie in the second act where they impress their love of their man.She has a song “Life with Harold” in which she dances at pace while singing so will need to be a dancer and fit. It’s a quick song.

Nathan Lukowski



Son of Jerry and Pam. A happy caring soul but with loads of guts. He always gets the “awww” factor from the audience.In the end it’s Jerry’s love for Nathan and the fact Nathan kicks Jerry’s ass to get on that stage that the whole show finally comes together.The part does require the child to use the “F***” word.

Pam Lukowski

Jerry’s “Ex” and hates being reminded about it. A responsible mother and manager of the packing department. Plain and pretty, it just goes to show how much a jerk Jerry was to leave her.

Estelle Genovese



Trailer trash with huge tits as her only saving grace. Is shagging Jerry and doesn’t miss a chance in telling everyone. She has some cracking one liners and has to be a good character actress.

Buddy “Keno” Walsh



Gay “Chippendale” Stripper. Strong dancer required. Fit body. ** MUST BE PREPARED TO BE WAXED ** Body Hair Free…

Teddy Slaughter


35-50 (match with Pam)

Pam’s new man. Solid dependable. Older. Has to be handsome to a point so that we accept he’s the better man for Pam.


Tony Girodano



Night Club owner and Italian “Dell Boy” type.


Molly MacGregor



The zimmer frame bound Mother of Malcolm. Unlikeable, over bearing mother.


Reg Willoughby



Ex-Plant work. Family man. Totally useless dancer/stripper.



All supporting cast will need to read a passage from the show to show their skill in accents and in character acting.

Dolores Stanning Female 25-50 Local working woman who’s got two of the best lines in the whole show.
Susan Hershey   Local working woman.
Joanie Lish Female 25-50 Local working woman.
Dance Instructor Male/Female 25-60 Leads the Salsa Dancing Club.
Police Sergeant Male/Female 45-60 Also required 2 to 3 Police Officers.
Librarian Female 18-25 Prim and proper young lady who gets led astray by the others slowly through the show.
Minister Male/Female 40-60  
Roman Gladiator 20-30 The “other” Chippendale.
2 Removal Men 30-60 Redneck hicks.


Police Dog Police Dog “Satan” will be required to chase Ethan and Malcolm off the stage and run between the rest of the semi-naked guys.
Support Actors (Towns people, joggers, crowd and dancers) Male/Female 20-60 Various little role and cameos are there for the taking. These will be dished out during rehearsals. There are a few chorus numbers mostly for females so rehearsals will be minimal for Supporting actors.



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