RTTFP Blog – Emma Oxtoby

Who are you?

Emma Oxtoby

What part do you play?


Describe your character in 3 words.

Cool, calm, focused

Why did you want to be in Return to the Forbidden Planet?

Having previously been in RTTFP back in school days I couldn’t resist another go at it. The script is funny and the songs are brilliant. It’s a real treat to be in!

What’s your favourite song in the show and why?

Don’t let me be misunderstood – it is a very powerful song that always gives me goose bumps.

What has been your favourite thing about rehearsals?

The whole rehearsal process has been so much fun, from learning songs around the piano, to adding dances and then putting it together with the lib. I think the parts that stick in my mind are the times we have all been lost in hysterics over something so small!

Why should we go and buy tickets?

RTTFP is a feel good show with toe tapping numbers. We promise a great night out where you may shed a little tear but you will laugh a lot.

Emma Oxtoby

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