Act Your Age: Sue Riley

Our next cast member to share their thoughts on Act Your Age is Sue Riley

What character do you play in Act Your Age?
I play the character Iris in the show.

What’s your character like?
She appears to be one of the Old folks being rather eccentric and carrying her doll Looby Lou around with her wherever she goes. However Iris holds a secret which will be revealed towards the end of the show, exposing what her true character is.

Are you similar to your character?
I don’t think I am anything like Iris, she is two characters in one.

What’s your favourite line in the show?
“Why do I always end up working with Morons”

What is your favourite memory from rehearsals?
My favourite moment from rehearsals was when Mrs Hewitt, the very strict head of the Old Folks home is inspecting the old folks bags for celebrity magazines and DVDs she wants to confiscate from them when she pulls out a packet of Tena lady (being used as a prop!) It was hilarious at the time!


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