Act Your Age

AYA Logo (Animated)The action takes place in a clinic run by Valerie, that offers sanctuary and therapy to celebrities. Its popularity is on the decline, with only two patients remaining and minimal staff. The two remaining patients are Melanie, who would love to be an ‘A’ list celebrity, and the middle aged nymphomaniac Angela who attends the clinic in the hopes of her being weaned off men.

Suddenly a chance for salvation is seen when Victoria’s agent telephones to say she will be arriving very shortly, will be checking in as Mrs Smith and will bring friends. Crisis looms with no staff and few patients!! Nearby there is an old people’s home which, due to an incompetent workman, has been left without electricity or water. As a temporary measure, the old folk  are moved in to the clinic in the care of Valerie.

In order to give the impression of a successful business, Valerie persuades the old folk to help out as staff and guests. A succession of rather furtive people arrive to check in as patients.  They are all assumed to be friends of Victoria’s and are treated with due reverence.  In fact, each hides a different secret of their own.

The story unfolds through a very funny script, great songs and music and some great farce action. Characters creep about searching for some people and hiding from others, some of whom are only wearing a strategically placed towel, all of which makes for some hilarious moments. Then, to put the icing on the cake as it were, a jewel thief arrives with some stolen diamond studded underwear – still being worn by the mannequin.

It turns out that Iris from the old folk’s home isn’t as gaga as she has been making out and has been using the old people’s home as a cover for her jewellery fencing business. Eventually, everything comes to a head in the finale when all happy endings and plot resolutions come thick and fast!!!


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