Reverend Mother’s Thank You

The Sisters are buried, they’re all 6ft down
I’m sure that our antics will be the talk of the town
To the Director called Steve who travelled the ’62
I hope he thinks it was worth it – I certainly do
Special thanks go to Patrick AKA Nick
Who has worked so hard to make our singing so slick
To Elsie our very own dear Dancing Queen
Who perfected the routines so we were fit to be seen
The FOH team (I think that’s what they’re called)
The sound and the lighting, set builders and all
My thanks to the Sisters who all played their part
And presented our show with a song from the heart
Wilhelm and Luke joined in with the fun
And Virgil stood proud with the rest of the Nuns
Sister Leo should listen to Hubert’s advice
And keep her balletic dreams on ice
Julia I’m sending to catering college
So no one will suffer from her lack of knowledge
I’m suggesting that Robert should go to boot camp
To get rid of her aspirations of becoming a vamp
Our dear Amnesia came through for us all
And got us the money to make up the short-fall
I’ve booked Hubert into a weekend spa
So when she comes back she’ll be Reverend Mama
Cause I’m going off on a cruise ’round the world
With the money that’s left so TOODLE-OO GIRLS

Bless you all – Reverend Mother

Reverend Mother


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